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    I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Filming ‘delayed’ as Ant McPartlin continues recovery in Los Angeles.

    I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Filming ‘delayed’ as Ant McPartlin continues recovery in Los Angeles.

    Although due to return next month, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here will experience a little delay to give its famous hosts a glimpse of the spotlight as Ant McPartlin rests up in LA.

     Ant, who is 41, and co-host Declan Donnelly were due to shoot a short promo for the show this week but this has been set back as Ant continues to recover from painkiller addiction. The addiction which left him in rehab early this year seems to be in the way of the famous TV show.

     In June, Ant entered a a rehabilitation centre due to pain killer addiction originating from a botched knee operation which left him in constant agony. With sources indicating that Ant’s addiction had put a strain on his relationship with his wife Lisa, the star flew off to America with his agent Paul Worsley last week.

    Ant travelling to LA

     Ant admitted putting Lisa through hell with his mood swings and depression. Upon this admittance, Ant was seen wearing his wedding ring upon leaving the airport. Hopefully, Ant recovers soon and reunites with his family, friends and of course I’m A Celebrity...


    In anticipation of the show that brings us closer to nature than most of us will ever experience, I brainstormed and came up with one tool that I think will be very useful for the celebrities and anyone one of you who enjoy the outdoor. See if you agree with me. I think a camping cutlery tool would be essential! Nobody can survive without food and eating food with the right tools can make the experience that much sweeter.

    One thing however is that the tool must be compact, easy to store, use and move. That is why I would suggest Belle Vous 6 in 1 Camping Cutlery Tool. This tool comes with money back guarantee and is made from the best materials.


    You can find the 6 in 1 Camping Cutlery Tool Here.



    6 essential pieces of cake baking equipment

    6 essential pieces of cake baking equipment

    Excited about baking and (or) decorating cake? There are so many fun ideas to choose from when baking the perfect cake but sometimes, you don’t know where to begin, what equipment you would require.


    If you are new to baking, you should look to get your hands on these tools. Chances are that you already have some of these tools.


    1. CAKE PANS

    Cake pans are the ultimate key to creating beautiful cakes. As a result, there are plenty cake pans of all shapes, sizes and materials in the market. However, for a true professional, cake pans with straight sides instead of slanted gives the best result. By using straight sided pans, you save yourself a lot of time by eliminating the need to carve down edges for greatly even sides.

    It is essential to use the correct pans and pan sizes. A heavy-duty silver-coloured pan would give you a more golden sides whilst a dark-coloured pan would absorb heat and make the sides of the cake darker.



    Parchment paper can be used for a variety of things; they can also easily become your favourite equipment as they make clean up super easy for you! Parchment paper can be placed in the bottom of your cake when cutting the cake and it can also be placed in the bottom of your cake pan for a perfect release each time. When cutting off the top of your cake, you can place the cake on parchment paper and it will catch the mess for you.

    It is also very useful to place the cake on parchment paper when layering it with fondant. This will not allow the fondant to stick to your surface which could cause tearing. It would also allow you to move the cake easily as the parchment allows an easy and safe slide around your surface.

    Note: Parchment paper is not the same as wax paper and they cannot be interchanged in baking. Do not put wax paper in the oven or it will smoke up your house.



    Stability and strength is important to every cake. Therefore, every cake needs its own cake board. Cake boards holds the cakes together by providing stability and strength. Cake drums are usually thicker as they consist of three cake boards pressed and glued together and then foiled. These are very useful for large cakes.


    4. SPATULA

    Beauty is key to any cake. To achieve this beauty, the spatula is paramount to clean crumb coating and final coating of the cake. Spread your icing using spatula and once you have a thick coat of icing, you can use the spatula to smoothen it out.

    Avoid leaving cake mixture or melted chocolate in your bowl by using a bendy spatula which can easily skim around the sides. We highly recommend Belle Vous 3 Pieces spatula set for all cake sizes.

    Buy Belle Vous 3 Pieces Spatula Set


    5. WHISK

    The purpose of a whisk is to give volume and aerate foods and therefore they are important for baking cake. It is essential to have whisks when baking as in addition to whipping cream, whisking egg whites and gently folding in flour, you can also use it to remove lumps from sauces. Whisking and creaming is made much easier with an electric whisk but can be more expensive.



    Rolling pins are not only useful for rolling out fondants for decorations but they are useful for baking in general and can be used for various things you might want to bake.

    We recommend using Belle Vous Stainless Steel Rolling Pins. They have no handles in order to eliminate breakage and boost control. They are more hygienic as they are easy to wash and allow easy rolling of dough and fondants of any sizes.

    Buy Belle Vous Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

    What your Acne’s location on your body means

    What your Acne’s location on your body means

    Acne was thought as a simple skin condition caused by the congestion of dirt and dead skin. However, this view has transformed; Acne is understood to be the result of an inciting health condition. Whilst most pimples clear up in a week of just over, larger acnes tend to require the intervention of a health care professional. Not so simple now.

    It is no surprise that the nature of this condition can also be the source of its prevention and cure. Good news however is that there are steps you can take to reduce the severity of acne and tools you can use to possibly clear it all up.

    Check your diet

    According to a recent article from, acne in different locations on the body can be explored by holistic medicine which teaches several things about this subject.

    Let’s imagine this, acne which is situated around the lower half of the body. This includes your legs and glutes. These acnes are most likely caused by skin tight clothing which makes breathing difficult. This way, moisture and air is trapped against the skin. However, if switching to a more breathable underwear or pants fabric doesn’t prove effective in a week or so, the problem might be due to an unbalanced diet.

    Another location on your body is your arms, scalp or head. Acne is on these areas is caused by the build-up of oil and moisture. This can be easily addressed. All you need to do is to change your clothing, hats or cosmetics for something less absorbent. Make sure there is no room for build-ups.

    If acne is situated around the neck or jaw areas, this is more likely a reflection of overactive adrenal glands or perhaps too much sugar in the diet. Yes, I know that we all love our sugar, however, it is good to note that everything in excess can have a detrimental effect to out health. Pimples along the shoulders can indicate stress while acne around the stomach area may indicate an unbalanced sugar level.

    Acne on the back may be caused by stress or a dysfunction in the digestive or nervous system. Digestive issues, poor diet or even an unbalanced diet (too heavy in spicy food or cold drinks) can also cause acne on the chest.

    Finally, vitamin deficiency can cause acne on the elbows. Similarly, Keratosis pilaris (harmless skin condition) can cause acne.


    Acne Cures

    Acne extractors are used to pull out things that are inside the pimple. By putting pressure on the contents of the blackhead, the extractor expels its contents.

    Acne extractors are used by doctors professionally but they could also be used effectively by yourself. Yes! Extractors can be a DIY gadget. They are cheaper and provide the same results. Kovira’s Acne Extractor Tool does the job for you effectively and effortlessly.

    Acne affects more than 80% of adolescence however, it can also occur later in life. Whilst a major cause for acne seems to be an overactive immune response to the presence of Proprionibacterium acnes, the bacteria. This response generates cells which promotes inflammation to flood the skin. This is where the pimples will eventually form.

    The good news is that your favourite foods such as chocolate or greasy foods have been cleared of their association as acne causers. This is according to recent science reports. 

    Experts however, now recommend that people seeking to cure or prevent acne naturally should eat a balanced, low-sugar diet which is high in whole foods such as nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fish and red meat.

    Note that intense scrubbing or exfoliating of the skin can irritate the skin and this can increase inflammation and worsen acne. Harsh cosmetics, cleansers and moisturizers can be detrimental to your skin’s health.



    Diet For Abs? Wrong!! Eat More For Rock Hard Abs and Body!

    Diet For Abs? Wrong!! Eat More For Rock Hard Abs and Body!

    I was never the skinniest guy; neither was I the biggest guy. None of those mattered to me at the time. As I grew up, it suddenly clicked! I don’t want to be the skinniest guy! Neither do I want to be the biggest guy. I just want to have abs, chest, shoulders, thighs in proportion that I can feel comfortable in. Yes, I wanted to be ripped.

    To be ripped, I tried most tips fitness instructors and bloggers would provide. Tips such as ‘cut out the carbs in your diet’, ‘eat less fast food’ ‘watch what you eat’, ‘do cardio’ blah blah blah. I am sure many of you have come across these types of advise at some point in your search for being ripped or loosing weight.

    Now don’t get me wrong, those tips can benefit you but only for as long you continue to keep up the discipline. Literally, if you stop the regiment, you will revert back to what you used to be like. So what is the alternative?

    Well, it is a good thing I know myself. One thing I sure do enjoy to do is eat and I eat every time I see food that interests me. To keep this post short, I will delve right into what I did and still do to maintain my physique.

    No.1 THING I DID - Fixed how frequent I ate

    I did not fix what I eat, I fixed how frequent and the portion of my food. Yes! I decided to cut down on my portions. From a young age, I was known for eating huge portions (usually rice).  Now, I eat 5-6 times a day in smaller portions. So I would eat breakfast at 9am, then eat again at 12pm, then at 3pm, at 6pm and finally at 9pm. I do try not to eat any later than 9pm because that’s when my body is less active.

    However, I realised that eating so frequently throughout the day was somehow increasing my metabolism rate. Here is how it works. You eat less frequently, your body isn’t constantly breaking down molecules to obtain energy and thus, remains weak and takes longer time to break down molecules. Eat more frequently, your body is constantly breaking down molecules and thus, your metabolism proves strong to do its task quickly. Therefore, all energy from each food is being transferred to your cells when you are the most active. This way, excess nutrients does not get stored up as fat.

    This is a long term solution to maintaining a great physique and it is something you need to understand.

    No.2 THING I DID - Signed up to a gym

    I signed up to a gym. Took me a while to get into the working out spirit. After countless number of losing motivation, I stuck with it with determination. Thing is, when I got through the initial obstacle of no motivation, I realised that I felt uncomfortable not working out. The initial stages of you working out would feel really hard but you just have to stick with it and get through that first barrier to the promised land (flowing with milk and honey) where you begin to enjoy working out and beating your personal best every now and then.

    I signed up to a gym and only did weight training. My goal was to build muscle and stay shredded. I don’t enjoy cardio but I do enjoy playing football (perhaps that helped, but I haven’t played football in about a year now). Here is my routine: - Monday (Chest), Tuesday (Back and Abs), Wednesday (Legs), Thursday (Shoulders) and Friday (Biceps and Triceps).

    NOTE: When lifting, you put pressure on your joints. therefore, it is crucial to use a good form when lifting or use some support sleeves and equipments. I would recommend using some of these; Knee Sleeves, Knee Wraps, Elbow Sleeves or even some Weight Loss Bands for an optimised result.

    No.3 THING I DID - Surrounded myself with support

    Finally, I surrounded myself with people with similar minds. The popular saying says ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. The people you surround yourself with daily influences you in one way or the other.

    By surrounding myself with people who had a goal, people who signed up to a gym (preferably the same gym), by people who eat frequently but in little portions, by people who didn’t eat out much of the time. By surrounding myself with these personalities, I was able to receive encouragements and motivation indirectly. This was crucial most especially at the early stages of my gym routine. 

    Losing weight isn’t all about eating less, in fact I believe that eating less is merely a quick solution to the problem and for a long term solution, training your metabolism proved to be the best way to go. The three things which I did to stay in shape worked hand in hand and none is more important than the other. You need the mental and the physical aspect of fitness in order to overcome your deficits.