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    Have you ever needed something and it is just not available at a reasonable price for the top quality you deserve? 

    Well, that is exactly why Tinyyo exists. With its headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom, Tinyyo provides top quality professional products made from the best materials to suit your home, beauty, compression and craft needs.

    Due to the passion and problem solving characteristics of co-founders Richard and Brendon, Tinyyo saw rapid initial growth on Amazon since 2009. With this, Tinyyo launched Tinyyo.com and continues to strive to provide for every of your needs at a bigger scale making sure you have the top quality products you deserve.

    Tinyyo comprises four brands which specializes in each of your needs; Belle Vous, Kovira, COMPRESSX and Handi Stitch. 

    Belle Vous provides and continually strives to deliver to you, the best home and garden products at a price you can afford.

    Kovira offers you durable, professional and high quality beauty products just so that you can continue turning heads and looking phenomenal. 

    COMPRESSX brings to your table, compression products recommended by healthcare professionals and experts to suit your high standard compression needs at a price you would love.

    Handi Stitch is designed to provide you with the tools and products to enhance your creativity and blow minds everywhere. With the high quality products, we provide, you are sure to set minds ablaze.

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    We are committed to you!